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? >> if there is a request, that is handled offline tyrian if there is a conference, that is something that i bring up to the board, usually with the president's consent early on in the meeting so that the parties can argue as to whether or not it should be granted. commissioner garcia: i think this board does a good job, may be too good of a job, of flushing up the issue. i think enough questions are asked that we are better off, but i think the only thing left is for us to vote on it. commissioner hwang: i feel that the seven-minute opening is rather a long. it is a regurgitation. i would suggest that people did not regurgitate their written material in their oral presentations, and that could signal mcginley reduce the time. i think having a rebuttal would be a good idea. >> one thing to remember is that briefing is not mandatory, so the party 7 option to not submit any briefing and choose to make their arguments solely to the board. through oral presentation. something that supposed to be done. >> we have the opening brief or if they decide to hear someone reading their opening papers. i am just k
january 15th, when this goes offline, and the end of 2011. >> it is possible to take blood and only use this until -- becomes available as a way of minimizing the impact on the residential portion of this proposal. >> we feel that the lots will be needed to help address some of the challenges. that answers the question. thank you. >> i am here on behalf of my fellow neighbors. several of us are prepared to comment and opposition to part 1, we would respectively request that this item be put over until the following meeting. the reason is that we made a request under the sun shine provisions and refer receive some but not all of the materials. this morning at 10:45, we received an e-mail which says that we have received some items but also that item 1 requires an extensive search and compilation of electronic data and we're in the process of gathering these. our concern is that we do not know all of the facts that we might know if we received all of the information under the sun shine request. we would respectfully request that you rule that to this item be put over to the next meeting.
production offline and when there is less production, then less supply and that puts pressure on prices to go up. >> reporter: because california has some of the strictest pollution standards in the country, it's hard for other plants to produce gas as quickly when these plants are offline. >> what can we do? you know, we just pay t basically, they have us. there is nothing we can do about it. >> that makes it a little tough. it's almost $100 for my truck. so i'll have to put out the harley. time to pull out the harley. >> reporter: joe vazquez, cbs 5. >>> muslims in milpitas getting a new place to worship. the city planning commission has unanimously approved the building permit for a new mosque. the 14,000-square-foot building with a minaret six stories high will be built at the site of a former cement warehouse. while some people expressed concerns about traffic and parking, supporters spoke of the importance of this new mosque. >> i think it would add to the richness of the city and i think it would bring, if anything, probably [ indiscernible ] >> construction on the new mosque will take
of maintenance, the shell refinery is also shutting down some units. >> these refineries remove production off-line and, one when there is less production there is less supply, that puts prices up. >> reporter: because california has some of the highest pollution standards in the country it's hard for other plants to produce quickly when these plants are off-line. >> what can we do? we just pay it. basically they have us, nothing we can do about it. >> makes it tough. it goes, almost 100 bucks for my truck so have to pull out the harley. >> it's time to -- >> pull out the harley. >> reporter: not everyone degrees with that assessment. bill daye told me he thinks there's plenty of supply so he does not foresee a spike in gas prices. but to show you how volatile it has been take a look at this graphic. look at that. june $20,084.61 a gallon, that was the peak, plummeted to $1.712 just 6 months later and since then on a steady rise and they predict $4 a gallon sometime by may ken, then they are saying it could dip again in june or july depending on how the economy is going. >> we make all our own gas
a little bit offline. but they're going to meet as a committee but then there will be a public meeting. i heard some dates thrown around. we are going to talk about a date and how we're going to have that public hearing and people are going to be able to speak with the department. so that's important to me. >> thank you. we move now to line item number four, please. >> item number four is reports to the commission. item 4-a is the chief's report, a review of recent activities. >> good evening, chief, how are you? >> i'm good, sir, how are you? >> good. >> good evening, president mazzucco, director hicks and the director of the police commission. i'm going to give you a report ending january 8, 2011. this is only for eight days of 2011. violent crime, we're down 8%, 137 violent crimes versus 149. property crimes were down 42% and property crimes 410 versus 703 of last year and total crime, we're down 36% which is 547 part 1 crimes versus the 852 last year. again, these are only for the first eight days of 2011 and the percentages, like i said, are 3642 and that seems to be extremely low bu
and implemented. the parking lot goes offline in about six weeks. president buell: do we have the rep has of the -- representative of the exploratorium? any vehicles that come from your side, do you employ any transportation systems to bring large groups to and from? >> jennifer is our facilities operations person. the field trip program is administered or you have to make a reservation. they call, a reserve a space, and of those charter buses or school buses are scheduled. the demand is managed that way. president buell: do they work for you? >> both. sorry, i misunderstood you. there are the yellow buses owned by the school districts, and many districts now charter them. we don't own the buses. president buell: they have had, in the past, had to put a transportation management plan together to get people out of there? it is the visitor's option on doing that? >> it depends. there are days when it is no problem. when there is demand, we wrote off areas for buses. they flow students and kids to and from the building. there is an active parking management on a daily basis. >> because we ha
to departments interested in applying. we will talk about that offline. [unintelligible] parkway in cooperation with the authority expects to execute a commercial agreement on the second phase of the project by the 31st. a milestone for the project and california. last month on a less than great note, the professional engineers filed a lawsuit against the california transportation commission in regards to this agreement and reaction by the city to approve it. the agency issues responsible for the lawsuit denying allegations of improper procedure, be it worth mentioning that the issues in the lawsuit were worth mentioning back in may when they were considered by the commission and still approved of in the entry of a public-private partnership processes by 8-3 in a vote. we are confident that we will resolve this issue in a timely manner. the vast majority of the unions have been very supportive of the project in the process. they see it the way that we see it with major opportunities expanding for infrastructure in california through the introduction of capital into the area. whether it is europ
with you and they'll ask you to take it offline, into your own private e mailing or an instant messaging session. and then they'll start telling you about this problem that they're having, because they need money to get back, they need money for a vees sachlt they ask you to give them money and they ask you to wire it which is just the same as sending cash. you wire somebody money, it's gone. be very careful, you only warm to deal with reputable dating sites and you want to make sure that you don't take the conversation offline. have the conversation in the safe information and again, don't second money. >> and the ponzi scheme. first we all -- a lot of us who live in the new york area have heard ponzi scheme, but once bernie madoff -- they're still going strong. >> according to the government about $10 billion was lost to other ponzi schemes in 2010. they're also called affinity scams, because people come after you where you feel very comfortable. your church, your synagogue, your country club and they ask you to participate in an investment. to give them money. they have some great way
, government officials struck back via the internet. homes, businesses and banks are offline. some creative egyptians are now using old technology like dial-up modems, landlines and satellite phones. >>> fighting back one suspect at a time. highlighting one of baltimore's most wanted in tonight's wheel of justice. one spin from us and one phone call from you is all it takes to put one of these fugitives behind bars. we're opening up the hotlines. see if you recognize this week's suspect on fox 45 news "wheel of justice." this week it is dom neek baker. police say he went to an ex-girlfriend's house, woke her up and she told him to get out. >> at that time mr. baker became enranged and threatened to kill her. he jumped on top of her, choked her with both hands. when she was able to push him off, he retrieved a bat, struck her in the arm, legs and back several times. >>reporter: he is 5-11 and weighs 200 pounds. >> we're very interested in getting him off the streets. he did something to someone he supposedly loves. i just imagine what he could do to someone else. >> if you have any inf
's been offline for a number of years is the facility has been renovated. it's a fantastic place and would be a really cool place to get married. we generated a pretty significant amount of revenue from the palace before it closed for weddings so i expect that will come back and hopefully be even healthier than it was before the facility was closed for renovation. and then we're reviewing all of the ideas that we received from our staff last year for revenue generation. and i just picked three examples that to me sounded both interesting and/or fun. having our staff offer gardening classes to the public which i think is a really fantastic idea. looking at parking -- some kind of a parking concession at gildman playground during san francisco 49ers game. and then just a fun idea, i don't think it would be an enormous revenue generator, but dodge ball tournaments. offered by the recreation division. >> i hate dodge ball but we should totally do that. it's the scariest sport on the face of the earth. do it. do it! everything. oh, shut up. give me a break. whatever. [laughter] so that is -- th
lines. that took a major substation offline entirely. >>> how much snow fell last night? could an alberta clipper bring us more? >> absolutely. that clipper could give us a light dusting, but nothing compared to the numbers and going to show you. one of the total last night -- 10.5 inches in clarksburg. areas south and east, loesser's no amount. only half an inch in st. mary's county and lexington park. 11 inches of snow with isolated spot topping 1 foot. 32 degrees in gaithersburg and hagerstown. still above freezing in most spots. as temperatures drop below freezing and into the 20s, everything that melted today will rephrase tonight. 24 degrees to 29 overnight. the clipper is moving across northern indiana, northwest ohio. these are self-contained systems that laid down a little snow and that is what we expect tomorrow. we will see if there are any more storms looming out there in just a few minutes. >>> the storm left a lot of people angry and frustrated, but one of virginia neighborhood, things turned violent when a throne snowball lead to a stabbing. >> neighbors here tel
can work offline. macro window users can buy the full version for $10 or a free trial version is also available. to learn more about today's show, click on our website, openforum.com/yourbusiness. you'll find all of today's segments, plus web-exclusive content with more information to help your business grow. and don't forget to become a fan of the show on facebook. we look forward to getting some of your feedback. you can also follow us on twitter, if you'd like. it's @msnbcyourbiz. >>> next week, learn an entrepreneur who learned about sharing too much information about her business idea. >> i said you're not going to believe this, but i was about to open the same exact store in the same location, really almost had the same name, too. and they're like, wow. you just must be shocked, but it's not a coincidence. >> find out how this business owner turned her devastation into inspiration and overcame the shock of her life. until then, i'm jj ramberg, and remember, we make "your business" our business. this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon habe
or run new tests and that could force some pipelines to be offline for up to 10 days. >>> new guidelines or when it is the right time to remove a patient's tonsils. doctors say children who have at least 7 throat infections a year are good candidates for surgery. so are children who have tonsils so large their breathing is obstructed at night. >> there are lots of kids who don't sleep well, they are having trouble in school, they are not performing as well as they should, that need careful assessment. >> every year more than a half million kids in the u.s. have their tonsils removed. >>> an undercover investigation has found high levels of mercury in tuna and swordfish sold in california. a public health group analyzed 98 samples of swordfish, tuna, salmon and sushi. they found detectable amounts of mercury in all of them. the highest levels of mercury were found in swordfish, 20% of the tuna and sushi samples had sushi levels that would be harmful to women and children. with more health news, here's randall pinkston. >>> reporter: antidepressants may help alleviate hot flashes in menopa
, between an offline and online strategy. i think that will be guidance as to what to do. these are other tools to get your messages out. >> not to mention, you just put everything out there and see which one's working. >> exactly. >> the thing that's working, focus most of your efforts. >> right. >> thanks very much, you guys, great advice. if you have a question for our experts, go to our website. the address is openforum.com/yourbusiness. there, just hit the "ask the show" link to submit a question for the panel. again, the website is openforum.com/yourbusiness. or if you'd rather, you can e-mail us your questions or comments to yourbusiness@msnbc.com. >>> there is no question that business travel can wear you down, but our website of the week can help you make the best of it. why go business travel, which can be found at businesstravellogue.com, is a handy site for all. you can find out about mileage programs, travel gadgets and track your flights. >>> to learn more about today's show, click on our website. it's openforum.com/yourbusiness. you'll find all of today's segments, plus web
friends and family do offline. >> ere's two benefits in my mind. one is, i can find thing exactlwhat i need online instead of having to trejthrough a store. d the second is i have a place toive all of my stuff becau an exploon of toys and clothes and i only have two kids. >> reporter: t actual swapping takes plac through the mail. the recipient pays $5 plus the cost of shipping. the sender receis an e-mail confirmation, plus a prepaid mailing label which he or she attaches to a free box from the post office >> we guarantee that you're going to get a box that you like and when you don't we tend to gi you the credit tgo pick a new box. >> reporter: co-founder james reinhart say that's rarely cessary because the member post reviews about the boxes that they recee. as for the moy, frugal-mined families may save -- >> it's a box. and you get between 10 and 15 pieces of clothin in a box. so if you were to buy all of that new, i mean, a hundred bucks. >> reporter: meership is free, unless a parent wants first dibs on used clothes and toys. that's $29.99 a ar. >> that was roseanne colletti po
for internet companies, it said all the major carriers in egypt and others were taken offline as of last night. that left about 80 million people unable to use the internet. so the question today has been, what happens after that? let me show you a graph also provided by the blog, showing what happened at about 11:00 last night when over 3,500 providers suddenly taken offline. and we're seeing the difficulties of that having happened today. it's not just media that's having difficulty getting their reports out. it's also people who were pro r blogging, tweeting, putting things on facebook. as we know, this has been fueled by online activism and people using social media to get the message across, demonstrators out in the street. today, virtually quiet. the facebook pages that have been so active have gone quiet today. a lot of the people actively tweeting the last couple of weeks, couple of days, completely quiet. people are still trying to get the message out, trying to find alternative means to do that, the ways they're encouraging users within egypt to do so. what we're seeing is a complet
is they've done that. they're kind of pulling -- everybody is pulling things offline. they don't want to admit they're wrong. there's a lot of accountability is hard for people. >> there are different kinds of vitriol to use that term again being put out there. there is the over the imagery, the bulls eye and a dozen other things. beyond that every time someone paints the government as treasonous, dangerous, as having to be stopped, is that just another dog whistle with a different pitch? >> i think it's a little different. i think that there is, you know, we're in a very polarized time with a lot of demonization in politics. i do think there are certain adjectives and accusations you can make against people on either side. they're traitors. they, you know, these kind of words that put someone totally outside the pale of our political system. that sort of invites people to think in terms of solutions that are outside of politics. >> right. >> i don't put that in the same category of, you know, when a candidate says, well, you know, if this election doesn't work out we might need to th
way. >> i think it's a money pit. they never work, everything's offline. >> it's, you know, changed a lot of patterns that people that are going through the area, and i don't know whether that is enabled the border patrol to set up, you know, catch points. >> reporter: even though border patrol is a very hot political issue, republican john mccain came out and said he agrees with the decision to pull the plug on the fence if it was going to be wasting tax. congressman peter king doesn't know what took so long and has serious doubts about the obama administration's lack of urgency to secure the border n. washington, peter deucey, fox news. >>> the pentagon papers that shed light on the way to u.s. government got involved in vietnam. now, he's being honored by the state department. the accolades for daniel els beg come while the pentagon tries to beat back damage it believes was done when private bradley manning gave classified information to wikileaks. manning said he admires elsberg and he defended julian assange. the state department named a documentary about elsberg as one of seve
infringements trying to stamp out piracy. many companies, including yourself, took content offline which was considered illegal. how successful do you think this crackdown by the chinese government has been on these property -- intellectual property right infringements? >> i think the combination of increasing vigilance and improved technology and processes in terms of screening content is critical in terms of improving the intellectual property rights environment in china. for example, in youku, we've been working with media owners since 2006 to syndicate a combination of different video content. initially from local television stations as well as production studios. as we progress over time we started working with asian with being both korean companies as well as hong kong media companies and also working with hollywood and u.s. companies as well. >> how would you describe the environment at the moment as far as infringements go? do you think it has improved a lot now? >> well, we are seeing definitely improvement over the last few years, especially on the internet. over time as techno
the border a different way. >> i think it's a money tip. they never work. everything is offline. >> it has changed a lot of patterns. people that are going through the arizona. and i don't know whether that enabled border patrol to set up catch points. >> even though border control is a hot political issue, republican john mccain cane has come out and said he agrees with the decision to pull the plug on the fence if it was going to waste tax dollars. peter kim says he does not know what took so long and that he has concern about the obama administration lack of urgency securing the border. back to you. >> harris: thank you. good to see you tonight. we're following the manhunt in suburban new jersey. the prosecutor just now told us, we're just learning really how badly they want to catch this teenager, suspected of killing a cop. we have the latest, the newest information on their investigation. somebody just walked off with sensitive details about bowles security. how super secret stuff for the super big sunday ended up stolen. say that twice. next. li whatever scents fill your household,
offline after president obama said this. >> i call on the egyptian president to reverse the actions that they have taken with interference to the internet and cell phone service and social networks that do so much to connect people in the 21st century. >> and this graphic gives you an eye ke idea of how fast intt activity fell off. there was almost no online activity for quite awhile. some ever using dialup modems and land lines and satellite phones to send pictures from the streets of cairo to the rest of the world. even with a total communication shutdown the government could not keep a lid on its unhappy population for long. a photo posted on twitter of the tahrir square. many had mobile phone service disabled for 24 hours and the private sector complied with the government shutdown. british company vodafone wrote they restored voice services to the customers in egypt this morning as soon as we were able. we would like to make it clear that the authorities in egypt have the technical capability to close our network and if they had done so is t. would have taken longer to restore
comes down, some of those nerves, some of those circuits that were offline come back. and the other way that the brain recovers is that it has plasticity. it has the ability to either relocate those functions to other parts of the brain or repair itself to some degree. the older you are the less you're able to do that. but nonetheless, for a young adult that is still possible to some degree. >> okay, dr. rhee, finally, what is the time frame here for knowing the prognosis fully? >> well, in neurio surgery, they sometimes talk about the rule twos. couple of hours, couple of days. couple of weeks, and so on like that, so we've gone past the two-day mark. and things are still as we had hoped, so far. so we're happy with our current situation. for the congresswoman at that time. and i say, you know, that rule is still good. in about two weeks we'll be able to tell a lot more of what's going on. >> thank you, gentlemen, again to your service to the country and to your patience. they're lucky to have you guys. dr. rhee and dr. lemole and to argument the nurses at the center, what a great job
. >> -- remove production offline. when there is less production, there is less supply and that puts pressure on prices to move up. >> what can we do? , you know, we just pay it. basically they have us. there is nothing we can do about it. >> it make it tough. almost $100 for my truck. have to pull out the harmly. >> reporter: a minneapolis based website that monitors gas prices says california's strict pollution standards make it hard for other plants to step in, which also reduces supply. prices are expected to accelerate beginning in march and peak at about $4 a gallon. now, the highest prices are expected to hit in may. and they will probably go down in june and july depending on how the economy is doing. back to you. >> yeah, not good news for commuters. all right, sonja shin live in oakland. thank you. >>> it is 5:38. new this morning, utah army base back open after a lockdown. a spokesman said needed to resolve a serious concern, no other details. the lockdown started about 5:30 yesterday. military weapons are tested at that army base near salt lake city. >>> the nation's color-coded
down some units for maintenance. >> refineries remove production offline and when there is less production there is less supply and that puts pressure on prices to move up. >> what can we do? , you know, we just pay it. basically they have us. there is nothing we can do about it. >> that makes it tough. it's $100 for my truck. have to pull out the harley. >> reporter: according to a minneapolis based website that monitors gas prices, california's strict pollution standards make it hard for other plants to step in which also reduces supply. prices are expected to accelerate beginning in march and peak at about $4 a gallon. now, the highest prices are expected to hit around may and they should probably go down again in june and july. but that depends on how the economy is doing. back to you. >> you're right. start saving right now. sonja, thank you. sonja shin in oakland. >>> it is an exciting day for students in san jose. after months of waiting, their science experiment arrived at the international space station this morning. kcbs radio's matt bigler is at valley christian high
engaged in risky behavior online. fact is, they've engaged in a lot more risky behavior offline. >> sexual predators are a risk. but all the cases, known cases of sexual exploitation involving social networks have involved kids who have gone out looking for a meeting with somebody. they were not deceived. we need to start thinking about our kids less as victims and more as participants. >> all right, i'm xting mike now. >> real probleal dms, reage can result from things kids do tohemselves and each other. and that's what we nd to be thinking about. >> i'm 16. i just turned 16 yesterday. i'm a swimmer. i have been swimming for seven years. i play golf. i'm really fun and outgoing. and i work hard in school. a lot of people in my school are like, "wow, she's smart." i know what it means, like everybody else does. it's weird because i have this one life that's fake, that's all happy-go-lucky, whatever. and then i have the real me. when i'm online, i'm the real person. i'm completely, 100% me. i'll talk about anything to these people because i know they won't judge me. sometimes it makes me fe
. the country has taken those things offline. secretary of state hillary clinton did acknowledge the fact that these people do have deep grievances within the egyptian society and then said that president obama himself has asked for reforms, saying that it is critical to egypt. secretary clinton also said it is pivotal and very important for the country itself, the country of egypt, to look at reform on three different fronts. that is politically, economically, and socially. but again, these protesters still taking to the streets. this is the fourth straight day that we've seen the situation there going down. and we will continue to follow it for you. >>> in other news we want to get to today, former south african president nelson mandela is back home after a health scare sent the 92-year-old to a johannesburg hospital for about 48 hours. nbc news is live in johannesb g johannesburg, south africa. some people were very worried about the original reports that nelson mandela had been hospitalized, and now a lot of fears have been alieved by knowing that he's left. >> reporter: i think the
because the internet didn't exist. but in today day and age if they had done this offline it wouldn't have been a crime, kimberly. should they be penalized because they did it online? >> this is much more serious in terms of what they have done, the statements they made, the pictures. putting her head on another body. as a juvenile charged, this isn't going to follow them to college. that record will be sealed except for law enforcement. when someone like me comes in, let me look at what i'm dealing with. i can look back and see if they had some kind of altercation or incident with the law or this stalking. if they do the same type of crime in the future you can take it into consideration in terms of what you are filing or how you will treat them. it won't haunt them. megyn: one of the defendant's mothers asked them what made you hate this victim so much and apparently she replied, because nobody likes her. that many what we are dealing with here. this kind of bullying is torture and it has to stop. if it takes felony charges to do it so be it. i don't believe these girls belong in jail fo
say that tariffs -- can they help americans get back to work? i will take my answer offline and thanks very much for c-span. guest: the caller is right in that emergency -- emerging markets such as india, china, and brazil, in many cases they do not have the same regulatory structures that we do. perhaps an advantage is created. we worked very hard to reduce trade barriers that can hurt american companies from competing in doing business with those countries. one side of the equation is trying to break down trade barriers in the countries that hurt american business. on the other hand, what we do here, we tried to create a level playing field at home. countries that have companies that dumped products in our country, dumping product is selling it below what you would sell it in your own country, we have laws and ways to combat that. unfair subsidies is another way that we make sure we create a level playing field. i think reducing tariffs in general helps create the free flow. i am not sure that raising tariffs here is the best way to go. it is important that we create a level playing
, tweeting today. this is one of his latest. before i go offline, be ware of scare tactics. that's a sentiment out of egypt a lot. there are also pictures via twitter. some from yesterday he says. if we can show pictures. here is a burned out van with people on top. in cairo. a man with a sign denouncing the government, also on top of a burnt out car. and a protester sitting on top of a tank. also if we can go to another twitter user. this is someone who tweets a lot about egypt. we don't known they are in cairo. this in arabic says after a little while, there will be a protest on the corner of alexandria, and they won't be going back to their houses today until the government, the ruling party is gone. and that's final. >> mohammed, let me ask you a question by what you are seeing this has been going on six days now, and protests going on. different developments, people afraid by the security situation. one thing i haven't seen is a single face or name popping up for who egyptians would like to see actually run their country. is there a candidate? is there a personality? anybody
given to me off-line as to what you have done, and if i had any other question, i understand sometimes we need to try to politicize things a little bit more. the one thing i'm kind of surprised as it takes 10 years for the federal government to issue a contract. i mean, it's only the federal government that it takes 10 years -- it's amazing to me. being not as new as i once was, but i'm amazed when i learned about these breakdowns, not only is it not cost effective but we're wasting taxpayer money, we are losing the confidence of the people that we deal with, and not only the average citizen but the individual businesses that we deal with to the point where why bother? it will take 10 years. will have to file a bunch of protest. it will go on and on and on and on. it just makes no sense to me, but i want to thank you for braving the elements even the in massachusetts this is kind of relates know, and taking the time to come in and thank you for your preparation. thank you, mr. chairman. .. was one contractor's data made available to the other contractor as a result of the purchase proc
and business and school and government office in egypt is offline. >> uma: thank you. joining me for the more that social media is playing in egypt. dave, great to have you here and thank you for joining us. talk for a moment about the impact of social media. this is unprecedented. the scope of it, i think, many people were not aware of, up to this point knowing it's an amazing way to communicate, get organized, and find out what is on people's minds. >> social media will be part of protest in the future in any country where there are protests. we know in china, berma and iran, social media helped assist protesters to organize and convey information to each other and convey to the outside world what is happening with the protests. in egypt, unchartered territory, because in those countries the internet interfered with the website they thought were assisting protesters but they didn't turn off the internet. internet has been completely turned off in egypt. the ramification for protest and impact on the protest will be interesting. the other question is when will egypt turn the internet back on
where we no longer should be thinking about online campaigns and offline campaigning. we should be thinking about campaigns that were both online and offline that was five years ago. he was an old school established political pollster. he got it. and i think we're just seeing that evolve very steadily since then. >> i think to some extent we're going to see a shift in traditional campaigning that you can't predict what it's going to be, but, you know, the first time as we get more and more data, the first time -- this is the first time ever that in-house staffers have had enormous amounts of data at their disposal to analyze. so we're starting to see something that hasbeen happening in corporate, which is the rise of the statistician and the quant as one of the most valuable players in the competition. as people are at least pocketly quant organized who really take numbers and analysis seriously, we're going to start to see organizations change dramatically as people get into leadership roles. and we're going to start to see the way the doors are knocked change dramatically. and
power. nearly half expected to remain offline for at least another two days. on the upside, only 300 people remain in evacuation centers. outside the city, many townships are still doing it tough. flood victims today tried to salvage what they could. but there's not much left to save here. all of these houses empty shells. around them, the cleanup just goes on and on. >> we don't want -- there's enough water down here already. we don't need tears. the community spirit has been absolutely outstanding. >> reporter: it is still very early days since the natural disaster soaked and shattered the city and its
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